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Health minister fuels Lebanese anger over vaccine line-jumping

Gulf News 25 Feb 2021
Lebanon’s health minister ... Hassan’s comments and pushback by other politicians added to anger in Lebanon, where decades of state waste and corruption have triggered a financial meltdown ... “You’re a liar and a hypocrite, and you shouldn’t stay in Lebanon,” Ferzli shouted on live TV.

Explained: Why Lebanon has an ongoing trash problem

The National 24 Feb 2021
why Lebanon is haunted by a rubbish problem ... Lebanon’s sectarian politics intensifies squabbling between municipalities over where to dump waste, said Ms Khalil ... “Our waste is religious,” agreed a high-level employee of the waste sector in Lebanon who spoke anonymously.

World Bank threatens to suspend covid vaccine funding to Lebanon

Middle East Monitor 24 Feb 2021
The World Bank threatened to suspend financing for Lebanon's COVID-19 vaccination drive in its second week after it emerged that some lawmakers would get their shots in parliament yesterday,�Reuters�reported.

Solid Waste Specialist (Integrated Waste Management – IWM)

Reliefweb 23 Feb 2021
§ Identify, evaluate and map the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the solid waste in the 12 Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon, based on technical surveys/tests and field visits; Develop SW technical guidelines and standards for the Palestinian Camps compatible with the SW strategies and produced SWOP.

World Bank threatens to stop financing Lebanon’s COVID-19 vaccines amid reports of favoritism

Middle East Online 23 Feb 2021
BEIRUTThe World Bank threatened to suspend financing for Lebanon’s COVID-19 vaccination drive in its second week after it emerged that some lawmakers would get their shots in parliament on Tuesday ... In its first operation funding the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines, the World Bank reallocated $34 million to help Lebanon start vaccinations.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills and Omar Albakour hit new milestone in marriage

m&c 12 Feb 2021
90 Day Fiance stars Avery Mills and Omar Albakour celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Pic credit. @o.m.a.ver.y/Instagram. 90 Day Fiance fan favorites Avery Mills and Omar Albakour are still going strong two years after tying the knot ... 90 Day Fiance ... 90 Day Fiance ... The couple didn’t waste time and proceeded to get married in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lokman Slim: the assassination of a most elegant critic

The National 04 Feb 2021
these student protesters are Lebanon’s future ... Preserving history was one of his missions, he used to say repeatedly, because Lebanon has so much history, and to him it was too precious to go to waste ... With Lokman Slim’s death, Lebanon lost a part of its memory.

NGO Says France's Military Equipment Used by Lebanese Police to Violently Quell Riots

Urdu Point 28 Jan 2021
The rights group urged Paris to halt arms exports to Lebanon until its military proved they abandoned the "excessive use of force" against people ... Back then the nation protested against the authorities' poor response to a waste crisis, caused by the closure of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon region waste dump in the city.

Amnesty slams France over ‘shameful’ use of weapons against Lebanon protesters

The New Arab 28 Jan 2021
Amnesty International has condemned French sales of law enforcement weapons to Lebanon, saying they had played a ‘shameful’ role in suppressing peaceful protests ... Setbacks and subtle victories - One year of Lebanon protests.

Why Lebanon just can't seem to form a government

The National 27 Jan 2021
Since October, Lebanon has been mired in a government-formation process that is going nowhere ... Lebanon's Michel Aoun has wasted his presidency ... where is Lebanon headed?. Lebanon's sectarian divides are deep, but most in the country want neutrality ... Michael Young is a Lebanon columnist for The National .

Already bird flu-free, but pork supply still low

Journal Online 20 Jan 2021
The Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Industry said the World Organization for Animal Health declared the Philippines is now free of the last remaining A(H5N6) strain of the Avian Influenza as of January 8 ... BEIRUT (AFP) - Lebanon’s leadership faced growing rage after a massive explosion laid waste to large parts of central Beirut, ... .

The state’s food-composting epicenter expands its reach and you can thank a soil shortage

Concord Monitor 11 Jan 2021
a dearth of dirt.“Topsoil is getting harder and harder to ...

Lebanon Christian Leader Rules out Joining Hariri Government

Voa News 10 Jan 2021
The leader of Lebanon's biggest Christian political party on Sunday ruled out joining a new government led by Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri, a new hurdle for efforts to pull the country out of political paralysis.� ... 4 Beirut port explosion, leaving Lebanon rudderless as it sinks deeper into economic crisis.�.