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photo: AP / Hussein Malla
Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati announces his resignation at the government palace, in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, March 22, 2013.

Lebanon’s PM-designate Mikati may have enough support to get things done

The Irish Times 27 Jul 2021
The confirmation of Najib Mikati as Lebanon’s third prime minister-designate in a year was no surprise in his homeland ... Paradoxically, Mikati’s prospects may also be strengthened by Lebanon’s accelerating decline. Beirut has no time to waste. Lebanon’s currency has lost 90 per cent ...

Kuwait, UNDP sign deal to support solid waste management in Lebanon

Sina 27 Jul 2021
... Lebanon, the National News Agency reported ... dollars to support the UNDP in Lebanon in addressing this country's mounting waste management challenges.

Venice Film Festival 2021: three Arab films to look out for

The National 27 Jul 2021
On-screen, Akl, who divides her time between Lebanon and New York, is already famed for starring in the TV series Beirut, I Love You, which she co-created and co-directed. She has also helmed a number of shorts, including the 2016 effort Submarine, which also set itself around Lebanon’s waste crisis.

Leaderless Lebanon headed down a road to ruin

Asiatimes 23 Jul 2021
The failures cast doubt on the assumption behind foreign suggestions around how to solve Lebanon’s multiple crises and receive foreign aid ... It relied on a host of failed politicians to fix what ails Lebanon – ending wasteful sectarian politics, ensuring government accountability and weeding out corruption.

Ely Dagher's Cannes film looks at conflict between hope and despair in Beirut

The National 13 Jul 2021
Ely Dagher, a filmmaker from Lebanon, was at home in Beirut sifting through footage from his 28-day shoot when last year's blast at the port, on August 4, destroyed his apartment ... Dagher started writing the script for The Sea Ahead in 2015, the year Lebanon's waste crisis made international headlines and ignited demonstrations across the capital.

Roots of Lebanon’s crisis lie in the country and so do the solutions, experts say

Arab News 09 Jul 2021
The severity of the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon is the result of “a lack of any policy action whatsoever by those who are responsible for taking policy action,” according to Kumar Jha, regional director of the Mashreq department at the World Bank Group ... “The situation in Lebanon is purely self-inflicted; it is man-made.”.

French envoy slams Lebanon PM for shifting blame on economic collapse

Reuters 07 Jul 2021
BEIRUT, July 7 (Reuters) - The French ambassador has rebuked Lebanon's prime minister for saying the country is under siege and blamed years of "mismanagement and inaction" by Lebanese leaders for its economic collapse. The World Bank has called Lebanon's crisis one of the worst depressions of modern history.

UNDP and UNEP partner to further support Lebanon's environmental agenda

Reliefweb 02 Jul 2021
... West Asia Office (UNEP Regional Office for West Asia) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their support to Lebanon on environment; particularly natural resource management, climate change, biodiversity conservation, waste management and abatement of pollution.

How scrap metal scavengers have revived Lebanon’s garbage crisis

Arab News 22 Jun 2021
Lebanon’s waste management system is the newest target in a trend of metal thefts that officials believe are being carried out by residents rendered desperate by the country’s unprecedented economic collapse ... For decades, Lebanon has been producing more waste than it could manage, ...

EU representative blames Lebanese officials for country’s ills

Arab News 20 Jun 2021
The European official said that “only an immediate agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will save Lebanon from a financial collapse, and there is no time to waste.” HIGHLIGHTS ...The European Union had provided €330 million ($392.7 million) in aid for Lebanon during 2020.

Aid conditional to reforms in Lebanon: EU’s Borrell

Anadolu Agency 19 Jun 2021
European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Saturday that providing aid to Lebanon is conditional on carrying out economic reforms. "The crisis that Lebanon is going ... Borrell went on to warn that, "There is no time to waste.

EU warns Lebanon's leaders of sanctions over 'home-made' crisis

Straits Times 19 Jun 2021
Speaking after what he called a "frank exchange" with President Michel Aoun, Josep Borrell said he was bringing a firm message that the country stood on the edge of financial collapse and politicians could not afford to waste more time ... "Lebanon needs an agreement with the IMF and there is no time to waste," he said.

EU senior official warns of sanctions over delay in Lebanon's cabinet formation

Sina 19 Jun 2021
BEIRUT, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The European Union's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned on Saturday that the EU could impose sanctions on the Lebanese politicians who stand behind the political stalemate in Lebanon, a statement by Lebanon's presidency reported ... Lebanon's crisis started in late 2019 amid shortage in U.S.

EU warns Lebanon’s leaders of sanctions over ‘home-made’ crisis

The Wire 19 Jun 2021
Speaking after what he called a “frank exchange” with President Michel Aoun, Josep Borrell said he was bringing a firm message that the country stood on the edge of financial collapse and politicians could not afford to waste more time ...Lebanon needs an agreement with the IMF and there is no time to waste,” he said.

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